A Luxurious Garage, or an Awesome Guesthouse


Martin Brown moved to Portland Oregon about 20 years ago. His mother-in law wanted to come live with him, so he turned his garage from the 1920s into a habitable place–a guest cottage as they call it. He planned it for a year and construction was done within six months. Hearing hi description of the place really says a lot about the planning. He wanted the person who lived there to feel independent (no side windows, given the place was so close to other buildings), and free (a big “vista view” was possible with a big glass door.

Regarding the kitchen, the same rack used to dry the dishes was the rack to store them! There’s a small bedroom atop compact stairs, and a pothole that helps light enter from above. The bedroom has a small closet and book shelves. All in all, the garage turned into a small, cozy and beautiful house.

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