Meet Bing And Swarley, The Gorgeous Pair Dogs That Have Many Followers


My interest in rodents has never been that great until I saw Swarley and Bing. This is a pair of fascinating Prairie dogs that have recently gone viral. Their human Cassidy has a played a big role for them to be known worldwide. They have an Instagram account (Prairie Dog Pack) that features them in various types of playful poses.

These dogs are not considered rare wild animals, but they are the best choice for those that want to keep pets. Cassidy has a love for the two mischievous furry friends, and so is her amazing Labradoodle Biscuit. She told the Dodo of her pets tight bond that whenever she went to say hi to the dogs and Biscuit walked in; they will run and greet him before her.

These pets have combined effort because they have formed their little pack; just the rescue dog did with the orphaned animals that he rehabilitated. You need to scroll down so that you have a glance of these curious animals and give us your thoughts and comments.

Meet Swarley and Bing, Houston, Texas
These are not ordinary Prairie dogs because they have blown up on the internet with their funny social media accounts.

They are leaders of the entire animals that are found at home that include a Labradoodle, kittens, a goat, and ducklings. These are entertaining friends and in fact, they like meeting new people. If such a person comes close to them, they will go ahead and sniff the strangers’ nose, a sign of friendliness.

Despite having these energetic personalities, they have a warm heart and a fantastic relationship with their comrades, Biscuit, and Labradoodle. They often swim, play, and cuddle together.

Cassidy told the Dodo that the dogs also love playing with the goat too. For instance, Bing likes to sit on his back and watch the beautiful view from up above.

From the time the dogs were brought home, Cassidy has reported that she has seen a significant change in the behavior of the rest of the animals. Initially, Bing will stand in the cage and bark angrily, but that has long stopped.

Swarley and Bing are quite shy when they go out to walk, but that has not stopped them from making over 30 dog friends in the neighborhood.

When Cassidy saw them for the first time, she fell in love with them. She went home and researched information about them and said that she needed one that she got. A year later, she had managed to acquire the second one.

The dogs have a loving relationship with Cassidy because every time she goes home, Bing will bark, a sign of greetings to her. That’s not enough. They also sleep in bed with her and cuddle against her stomach and legs.

Cassidy is happy for her pets and after she had introduced Swarley and Bing to Biscuit, she has added two ducklings to the pack and she hopes to obtain a squirrel in future. Share this information if you think Prairie dogs will make a fun pet!

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