Miraculous recovery from locked-in syndrome


Nissa Smith, a woman from the state of Utah, suffered the nightmare of the locked-in syndrome for eight long years. It was years back when she was nursing her one-year-old daughter that she suddenly collapsed due to a stroke. Later that night in the hospital, she suffered another massive stroke that rendered her totally unresponsive. From that moment on, she lost everything. She felt imprisoned and trapped in her body.After all the brain scans, what the doctors feared the most became reality. Nissa was lying lifeless in a hospital bed, brain-dead but yet completely conscious. Doctors called on her family, recommended that they should bid her farewell and allow her to die. Just then, one nurse witnessed a spark in her eyes that indicated that Nissa was still hanging in. The nurse asked her to close her eyes twice if she could hear her. Amazingly, Nissa responded.Within a couple of hours, the family members and nurses learned to communicate with Nissa through the blinking their eyes. Nissa found hope and after much therapy and hard work, she has incredibly improved. Though she speaks and walks with some difficulty, her inexplicable recovery totally baffled the medical fraternity. Truly, it is a miraculous recovery!

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