One Faithful Dog Owner Gives His Best Friend “Legs”


Loois the dog doesn’t allow a disability to get him down. Despite suffering from paraplegia in his hind legs, with the help of his faithful human friend, Loois does nearly everything a more able-bodied dog can do. In 2014, Loois was undergoing surgery for an extra vertebrae in his back- a condition that causes extreme pain- when a bone broke and the veterinarian accidentally cut Loois’ spinal cord, paralyzing him.
This can’t stop him from enjoying life though. Loois’ hind legs are placed in a harness that allows Craig to lift his hind quarters off the ground and walk him safely and comfortably, with Loois pulling him the whole way! Loois also completes canine physical therapy and plays catch using his special harness and a tram system in the garage.

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