Presenting Celine Dion and Her Twins!


There is no greater beauty than a mother with her children. In this eight minute video, you get a unique glimpse into the life of Celine Dion, her husband Rene and three children. It starts with the baby’s in the hospital, going on their first trip and even at home, growing up.
There is unique footage of day-to-day life, the help that assisted with the twins as babies and even their older son. While Rene is no longer alive, this video depicts the love he had for his children and wife and how proud he was of his family. While it may have seemed like a weird match to some, this video displays the perfect match these two make.
If you are wondering about the life, love and family of Celine Dion, then this is a must-watch video. Take some time to sit, watch and marvel at the beautiful life and story that is told in this video.

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