Rock County 911 Performs Interesting Lip Dub of “Uptown Funk”


There are many who have fallen in love with the song “Uptown Funk” and with the fun beat that it offers, and this video shows one special group of individuals as they perform a lip dub of this song. The individuals who are featured in this video are heroes, they are individuals who do a lot for their county. Those featured in this video are individuals who have a serious job but who were willing to play around for a bit as they recorded a special lip dub. The Rock County 911 services came together to perform a song that is fun to watch and that brings them a whole new kind of respect. Those who are fans of “Uptown Funk” will enjoy this special lip dub of the song. Those who enjoy anything upbeat and fun will find that this video is something that they want to watch over and over again.

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