See How Bees, Farmers And Elephants Can Coexist Peacefully


AWE-IMPRESSIVE: See How Bees, Farmers And Elephants Can Coexist Peacefully
Any person doing farming is always associated with hard work. However, farming is quite challenging in countries that have elephants like Kenya, Botswana and Sri Lanka.
Elephants roam into farmers fields, destroying crops and damaging property.
Any human intervention has always led to disastrous consequences such as injuries or even death among elephants and farmers themselves.
Unfortunately, it is sad that elephants are being endangered by human beings despite the fact that they are intelligent, sensitive and have complex emotional and social connections which form strong bonds with each other and other animals.
It was therefore imperative that a solution is found to keep farmers field safe while ensuring that elephants are not harmed.
This simple brilliant and excellent solution also incorporated the issue of bees.
Read to see how they implemented it

People need to learn how to live with elephants in areas where they are freely roaming.
Unfortunately, they invade people’s farms at night thus eating and flattening crops as well as destroying farmers’ livelihood.
This may bring about violent confrontations that may lead to death of both elephants and human.



Because they come at night to raid fields , most people have fired guns, hurled stones and set up fire crackers in order to scare them off.
Death or injury on an elephant causes emotional stress on the entire herd just like human beings.

Elephants and bees
Damaged fields lead to loss of income for farmers.

Elephant and Bees Project
Dr.Lucy King discovered that elephants do not like bees and hence will to tend to avoid them.
They vacate the area immediately they hear the buzzing sound.
Elephants fear being stung on their trunks because it is very painful.
By so doing, bees act as a biological fence.
Dr.King hopes this is a going to be a perfect and sustainable solution for peaceful co-existence between animals and human.
The project has impressed other famous people who are supporting beefences
Bees help in pollination and honey making for sale
The elephant friendly honey is available in local shops and in Nairobi.
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