She Disappeared A Year Ago. When They Found The Kidnapper? Wow!


In this video we learn the incredible story of a young girl who has been kidnapped by her mother and is nowhere to be seen. Her father had been worrying about her non-stop and after only 24 hours of a TV advertisement outlining that she was missing, she had been found.

The video outlines the details of the story and describes how the kidnapping took place. Footage is taking around the scene of the crime and we get to witness the moments when the child is discovered and brought to safety. In this video we get to see a short but emotional interview with the kidnapped girls father. In the interview, he outlines how surprised he was that she was found after less than 24 hours of the advertisement on the TV which stated that she was missing. In the video, we then get to see the young girls mother who has been arrested without bond and is due to be extradited. To watch the video and get the full story, click the following link.

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