She Sang ‘Someone Like You’. What Happened While The Performance? WOW!


During this amazing performance at Royal Albert Hall, singer Adele wowed the crowd. This flawless live performance of her hit song “Someone like you”, really sounded amazing and everyone was quite as she sang. With just a piano playing in the background, Adele really out done herself. During the middle of the song she stopped the song and allowed the crowd to sing along with her. This made everyone very happy.

At the end of the song Adele gets really emotional and the crowd gives her lots of praise. As the singer wipes the tears from her eyes, the crowd stands up and cheers for the singer. She gets even more overwhelmed, but is able to thank the crowd for all of the love and support that they are showing. This was truly an amazing moment and one that both the crowd and the singer will probably remember forever. Make sure to check this very wonderful for yourself.

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