Surprise Squad Blesses Shoppers with Free Food


The holidays can be expensive, and many cannot afford to spend as much on them as they would like to. This video shows theSurprise Squad: Turkey-Trot Surprise and how a group of individuals changed the lives of those who were shopping for Thanksgiving food. This inspiring and emotional video shows how a group of individuals set out to surprise those who were shopping for holiday items by paying for those items. Those who are in this video were not expecting to receive help as they checked out at the store and paid for the items that they had purchased. These individuals had been planning on paying for things on their own. The Surprise Squad showered these individuals with blessings as they let them know that they would be taking up the bill and paying for the holiday food that the shoppers had in their carts. This video shows the good that is in the world and the power of a surprise gift.

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