A Teenager Saved a Baby in Walmart


Many stories happen in Walmart as it it a big public store. Some stories, however, are less heard of, like this one when a baby suddenly stopped breathing. The surveillance video was in effect, and so one can see the woman trying hard to make her baby wake up. Her daughter was not breathing and there was no pulse. A teenager named Abby Snodgrass could hear the issue from far away and she rushed to the scene to help. Her CPR skills effectively saved the baby’s life.

Abby had learned the CPR procedure in her health class at school. She got to the baby and started performing it. It crossed her mind that maybe it wouldn’t work, but she kept trying. Hours later, the baby was fine and the parents released a statement to ABC news thanking Abby. The emergency responders also praised her, saying that if she wasn’t there, perhaps the baby would have died.

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