Thanksgiving Greeting from the Troops


It is unfortunate that everyone cannot be with their families for Thanksgiving. The men and women of the military sacrifice a lot for their country. They put their lives on the line everyday and they give up time with their families. While they may be stationed overseas they are not forgotten with this Military Thanksgiving Greeting.
These troops from Minnesota that are station in Iraq had the chance to say Happy Thanksgiving to their family back home. The troops got together and record what they are thankful for. This video was then posted on social media for their families to see. They also wish their family and everyone back home a happy holiday.
The video also shows the troops having their own dinner. While it is not the traditional meal that they would have at home these troops sat down for a dinner with each other and tried to enjoy the meal. This video was courtesy of WCCO radio who was able to get the equipment to the troops and made their families got the holiday message.

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