The Abandoned 8-Week-Old Pit Bull With Perfect Imperfection


It is in our human nature to judge things based on their appearance. This judgment also applies to innocent creatures like a little puppy.
It’s so unfortunate to find pets abandoned by their owners simply because they were born with certain defects. But why would someone do that?
This happens in many countries where dogs are left in high-kill shelters. Although not all of them live to see another day, this pit bull got a second chance at life.
The pit bull had a slight physical disability and for this reason, the owner abandoned it at a rural high-kill shelter.
Luckily, Nicole Horabik, who works at the Cause for Paws of North Carolina, an organization dedicated to protecting and nurturing unwanted cats and dogs, got in time to rescue the dog. Read more about the puppy’s life below and let us know what you think in the comments below.
A baby pit bull was recently abandoned on the doorsteps of a rural high-kill shelter in Lee County, NC
He was born with a half-formed right ear and a blind left eye and this could be the reason why he was separated from his mother and siblings shortly after he was born.
Nicole Horabik immediately sought out the puppy after she saw a link to an adoption ad listed with Lee County Animal Services.
After she took the 8-week-old pit bull into her home and named him Captain Morgan, she decided to post a stirring note on her Facebook page explaining the unfortunate background of the little puppy.
A sign rests against the pooch in the picture that reads ‘I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect.’ everyone is then encouraged to share the post with friends and family.
“What people need to take away is that imperfection is perfection and not all dogs are perfect in your eyes, but they can be amazing dogs.’ Said Nicole to the Dodo.
Apart from the slight under bite and a herniated belly, Captain Morgan is very healthy.
Morgan has a great personality, gets well with Nicole’s other dogs with disabilities. Nicole said that although one is completely blind and the other an amputee with only three legs, they are perfectly fine in every way.
Nicole hopes a warm and loving family will accept all of his perfect imperfection and adopt captain Morgan

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