The Cop Arrests The Suspect. What His Puppy Does? A Real Boss!


In this video, we are shown a male suspect who is attempting to escape, as a police car approaches. The lights are flashing on the car and it comes to a stop, not far from where the man is. There are scratching noises that can be heard from inside the car. The back door opens and out pops Taz. Taz is a fourteen month old police dog who dashes out of the car and starts running after the suspect. Taz grabs the male suspect by his arm and the two fall to the ground. The man is rolling in the ground and is screaming but Taz does not let go. The officer makes his way over to the two and orders the man to turn over and lay flat on the ground. The little pup continues to help keep the man down by holding on while the officer places cuffs on him. The little pup has helped save the day.

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