The Cute Reaction This Kitten Has to Her Reflection


This kitten’s relaxing on the floor and then sees something that will get its attention and keep it busy for some time. The kitten is on the floor and passes by a mirror. It sees its own reflection and goes nuts.
The kitten jumps in from of the mirror and paws at the mirror. It does not seem to know what to do. This kitten’s reaction to her own reflection is very funny. At first she looks like she is a little scared and then she looks like she is having fun with her own reflection. Whatever this kitten does the kitten in the mirror repeats.
It seems that this kitten is going to have a lot of funny mimicking herself in the mirror. She is tiny but cute and so is the kitten that she is looking at. The kitten just found a friend that will repeat the same actions as she does.
e of not the child themselves. Be sure to show the child they are valued and cared about and the parents are willing to help them beat this addiction.

These tips should be used with counseling and rehabilitation to get the child the help that they need. The child has to feel that they are loved and they have a better chance of beating the addiction.

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