The Horse Won’t Let Him Get Away


Horses are majestic creatures. They are a natural embodiment of grace and power, beauty and finesse. For ages longer than we can recall, horses and men have had a strong bond. They were means of transport, battle, and trusted companions.
The video shows a man in a stable beside one of these majestic beasts. The man, Levi, approaches the horse and engages him in ways the horse can’t reach himself. He scratches his neck, rubs it down, and shows general affection for this horse.
And the horse shows this affection right back. After Levi attempts to step away from the horse, the horse won’t allow it. Using his head and his power, the horse continues to draw Levi closer to him. Urging him to continue the scratching, the rubbing, the caring embrace.
The horse dances and stretches along with Levi’s scratching. He opens his mouth as if he were about to bust out a song. He lifts his neck to do his best giraffe impression. And he knocks Levi’s glasses off his shirt when he finally tries to get away. Levi does get away, but not before the bond between man and horse continues on.

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