The Kindness of Dog Rescuers


A family in Turkey took home a number of dogs to their shelter. They rescued dogs that were in a bad state and looked like they were going to die. In addition, they took the dogs when they were filthy and had been trampled over.
These dog rescuers have saved many dogs. They did not think that some of the dogs would make it. However, it came as a surprise when one of the rescued dogs named Faith survived. Her undernourishment and fear lessened every day since she came to the shelter.
Faith was a small dog who sat by herself in the corner and could not walk. She also had a temper and other qualities that made her look weak. However, her rescuers were surprised when she fought death off. The dog rescuers are animal lovers, and they had a shelter for about 4,000 dogs.
They owned a shelter in Turkey where such establishments are normally overwhelmed and underfunded. They did a lot of work and took as many dogs as they could. They have saved so many dogs. Furthermore, they give dogs a home, a family and proper care. It is amazing how they transform dogs and puppies lives.

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