The Marines Were Standing To Show Their Performance. When They Moved Their Arms? Amazing!


This amazing video was taken in Washington DC during the Sunset Parade, capturing the United States armed forces in action as they perform their duties togetherin complete harmony. Incredible to watch, their harmonized movement is a testament to all the effort they put into protecting the country.

26thMay, 2015 was set as the first Sunset Parade and took place in front of the Marine Corps War Memorial in the American capital — Washington DC. There were several Norwegian UN veterans that were present for this parade — as part of a joint effort between the armed forces. Several pictures showcase the various divisions of the armed forces coming together in mutual collaboration.

This video is a great tribute to the sacrifice that our armed forces make every day to ensure that our country remains safe and prosperous. Please SHARE this compelling video on Facebook and Twitter and let us salute the dedication and martyrdom of our great armed forces!

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