Kaitlyn a beautiful tiger is pregnant with twins at an Australian zoo. She has been in labor for the past five hours. Finally the amniotic sac can be seen which is an indication that the first cub is about to be born. Clark and his team are all smiles once the first cub makes it out into the world. However the cub is not breathing properly as yet. Kaitlyn continuously begins licking her cub to trigger the lungs to start breathing. After a long wait of two minutes, the cub finally lets out a squeal! As happy as Kaitlyn is right now, she needs to focus on her second cub who seems ready to be born. Clark and his team cheer on as the second male cub comes kicking out of Kaitlyn. Unlike the first cub, the second has already made his presence known. Since something so painful can result in something so beautiful, I guess that’s why it is called the miracle of birth.

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