The most popular dog on the planet


Dogs can be popular as well as humans andLilly the pit bull will show you why. This dog happened to be running along the train tracks one day and saw what appeared to be a person on the tracks. It was David’s mother that had fallen on the tracks and the train was going too fast to stop. The driver felt a thump, and it wasn’t David’s mom that was hit, but rather Lilly instead. Several surgeries, therapy and a missing leg later and Lilly the pit bull is still as energetic as ever. She can’t wait to play fetch even though she is already twelve and half years old.

What makesLilly the pit bull so popular compared to other dogs? Well she has three books written about her, which she autographs herself. There are paintings and pictures that have been done about her, and she has over half a million Facebook followers. She even has her own stuffed animal complete with missing leg. She helps to raise money for other dogs that have been injured or are in abusive homes so they can have better lives and she does it all by being herself. More books are forthcoming aboutLilly the pit bull so be sure to take a look for those on local book store shelves.

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