The Most Surprising Thing Happened When A Police Saw An Abandoned Puppy


We know how the police and dogs work well in patrolling the streets and deterring crimes, but did you know that they can be the cutest team at the right moments?

It was just another day for Kareem Garibaldi, an officer roaming the streets for the citizen’s safety. Little did he know that a puppy wandering the streets could make his day a little sweeter than most!

The dog wasn’t wearing a collar, so Kareem couldn’t contact the owners. He then brought the helpless pup to an SPCA location to get a check-up after futilely searching for the dog’s owners for a good three days. While waiting, Kareem and the dog fell asleep side-by-side; vet manager Connie Johnson couldn’t resist the animal and man’s peaceful repose, so a picture was taken.

The good fortune didn’t stop there. A dispatcher at the pet medical center fell in love with the puppy and decided to give the dog a new home! The dispatcher then named the new puppy Hope.

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