The story Of Twins Who Finally Reunited After A Lifetime Apart


We all know how difficult it is to separate twins no matter how difficult a situation might be; the two will always find a way back together. This short video tells a story of one Angelo Cohen who was given up for adoption while he was still a toddler. Angelo had a serious medical condition and his mother could not meet all the needs he had and that is when she decided to give him up for adoption. For years, Angelo had been trying to find his family until one day he got a breakthrough when he found an old photo of him, his mom, elder sister and his twin sister.
Angelo decided to search for his twin on Facebook until he saw a face that he immediately connected with. At first, he was doubtful but, after scrolling and seeing the date of birth of Leanna Cohen as November 17th, he immediately knew that he had found his twin sister. They planned to meet and it is such an emotional moment to see the two reunite for the first time.

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