They Brought Home Their Newborn Baby. The Parrot’s Reaction? Hilarious!


This is one of those videos that can fool anyone if they are not looking at it and are only hearing it. It opens with a parrot in its cage. This is nothing out of the ordinary because the parrot looks like any other parrot but it has a talent that is quite unusual. The parrot can imitate a crying baby perfectly. It is unbelievable just how much the parrot sounds like a real crying baby. It not only cries but it does the high and low tones and all the other cute sounds that come along with hearing an actual baby when he or she is upset. The video continues on for about a full minute and it is definitely a sight to behold. It shows that either the parrot heard a whole lot of crying babies on tv or either his owner had a baby and the parrot got used to hearing the crying. Either way, the sounds are uncanny and would fool anyone into thinking they are hearing a baby.

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