They Might Look like an Ordinary 1940s Dancers. When You See What They Do? Amazing!


This almost four minute video is of a commercial for Solid Potato Salad from the sixties. The first minute is of the three sisters singing about the product itself. They sing together in perfect harmony and are on a stage made to look like an old barn. After they sing about the Solid Potato Salad things take an odd turn, although a very creative one.

These are the Ross Sisters and they all three happen to be skilled and talented contortionists that put todays contortionists to shame. They have more control than most acts you would see today and they can move like none others. Plus as sisters they have more of an intimate bond than you will find from any others today. They bend and move in ways that defy logic, and each show their individual skills. One of them at the three minute mark bends way below the boards she is standing on to grab an apple in her mouth, and then move back up, all while bent backwards.

For their finale they all three combine together and cartwheel off stage with the three of them. These talented ladies were pioneers of their time and while their talents may have been wasted on simple commercial they will not be forgotten.

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