They Were Caged For Years. When They Went Outside For The First Time? I’m In Tears!


Many dog videos exist on the Internet and these range from being funny to down right stupid! But this video showcases a far more heart warming story and tells the tale of a selection of dogs who have managed to find themselves in new homes with caring owners, unlike their original situation. The video shows a wide range of cute dogs, but also tells a less than happy story about the lives of the dogs.

These dogs were originally being bred so as to be food in Korea. They were treated very badly when they lived in cages and were not allowed any treats or toys. Luckily they were rescued and were brought to the US where they were found new carers to live with. In this video we hear a selection of heart warming stories about the owners and their dogs, and the love they have for each other. To watch this wonderful video and see lots of cute dogs having a great time, click the following link and enjoy.

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