This 14 Year-Old Lured Into A Stranger’s Van. When You See Him Inside? Shocking!


The dangers of social media are very real, and three dads prove that with the help of a stranger, in this video. Watch the video and you will be amazed how three young girls go out and meet up with someone that they thought that they knew, from meeting him online. The man is not who he says that he is, and they are shocked when they find their dads along with him. The parents were in on it from the beginning, and they did this to prove a point. They want to show that no girl should be befriending someone who she doesn’t know online, because she could be hurt by doing that. She could meet up with someone who is up to no good.
Watch this video and then be sure to share it with everyone that you know. It is a good reminder for young people to be careful about what they are doing online.

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