This Dog Does The Ultimate Celebration Dance- Find Out Why


NFL players may want to take notice because we just found the ultimate celebration dance and it’s from a dog!! An adorable dog who, after being in a shelter for 9 years, is beyond excited to be getting adopted. As you will see in the video this furry ball of energy gives new meaning to the term “jumping for joy”- and who can blame him?
Although the shelter showered him with love and affection all these years, this beauty is ready for a shot at having a real home and a loving family to call his own. Check out how he runs back and forth from one end of his pen to the other, like he’s pacing, waiting for them to unlock the gate and set him free. You can also see him leap up- almost over the fence- at the news that he’s leaving. This video is one of the funniest, sweetest ones ever and is guaranteed to make your day.

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