This Dog Falls In Love With A Tiny Kitten Right Before Your Eyes


This big bad wolf and kitten seem to get along with each other. While this wolf is really a dog, he surely does look like a wild animal. As you will see in this sweet video, there is a very cute and tiny kitten that has been brought into the home of this big and beautiful white dog. The dog takes to the kitten right away and seems to love the kitten very much!

The pooch uses its mouth to gently move the kitten around the room and the kitten does not seem to mind it. It seems that this pair of animals have become the best of friends and they enjoy spending the day together. They lounge around the house and lay in front of the fireplace to stay warm. The kitten has a lot of growing up to do and the dog will surely teach the cat how to navigate the world. If you are a dog and cat lover, you will really enjoy this video!

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