This Is Why Martin’s Massive Hole Makes His Neighbors Jealous


This Is Why Martin’s Massive Hole Makes His Neighbors Jealous
You will realize that very little has changed when you enter Wayne Martin’s backyard. The only different thing you will observe is a small man-made concrete hole.
If you walk inside, you will be surprised by what you will see hidden underneath the grass. Have a look at what he created below?
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Martin got a 20-foot shipping container so as to make a DIY underground cellar.
He conducted research online and decided to buy a used container for a few thousand dollars. The container usually goes for $3,000 if you buy it in the right place.
Martin excavated his backyard before lowering his container in the massive hole. This needed time, planning and money.
His amazing solution is very popular. Ever since he uploaded his DIY video tutorial in 2009, it has received 4.7 million views on You Tube.
Martin hired a septic tank company to help him accurately lower his shipping container inside the massive hole.
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