This Teen Brings His Chevy Truck Back To Life


Are you a fan of classic cars and trucks? If so, then you will love to watch a teen restore a Chevy truck that has been in the family for over 20 years. The title of this video should be Teen Restores Old Chevy Truck because he really puts a lot into it! He takes this truck, that was starting to fall apart and builds it back from the ground up.

He puts tons of work into it and once you see the finished product you will be amazed. He repairs all the rust and even does some bodywork all on his own. Then he paints the truck right inside of his family’s garage! After he is finished with the truck, he takes it out for a spin and he finds out that it needs some more work done to the engine. But overall this truck is now in really nice condition. Please share this video with all of your friends!

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