Touching Video Showing Chihuahua Who Adopts 5 Kittens


When a chihuahua lost her puppy at birth she was brought to tears by her grief. Her owner didn’t like seeing her going through that pain, so he made it a point to call all of the area shelters and see if there was a puppy that she could take in. But it wasn’t a puppy that the dog ended up adopting. Instead, it was a litter of kittens.
Watch as the chihuahua adopts 5 kittens and see the love that is immediately there between them. There is nothing sweeter than the new relationship between these animals. The dog cares for the kittens as if they really were her children, and she is happier than she has been since giving birth to her stillborn puppy. It’s great to see the love between two different kinds of animals like this, and the video might just leave you feeling inspired to show more love to those in the world around you.

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