Tree houses are not always made to be outside


Most of the time if you think of a tree house you are thinking of a clubhouse style tree house, literally built in the tree. This ten-minute video however shows you that you can have a bedroom turned into a treehouse with a hammock and it is something the kids will have fun with.

The video starts off showing you what the entire thing looks like. The man in the video loves showing off his creation and goes through the entire thing, from the beds to the drawers and even the hammock on the top. After you see how it looks the video will go into a time lapse, fast forwarding through the entire process from cleaning the room to the actual building of it. He evens lists the steps along the video so you can see what he did first and in what order. Pay attention to the video because while it doesn’t show what you need to get this project built, there is a link that will pop up and give you the plans if you want them.

Once the entire thing is built the last step is to get the kids reaction on how it looks. The kids of course love it, and will have a ton of fun with it. I’m sure it was a bit of a problem getting them to go to bed the first night though. There are more links throughout the video and even a link at the end showing you another project that he has done.

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