Unbelievable transformation from beehive to trendy


Custom is a second nature, they say. However, while daily routine can be helpful in our lives we should avoid getting addicted to them. And who else could help us better, than Oprah?
We can say, that the 63 years old Joan Irvine was pretty much addicted to her beehive hairdo. She started putting her hair up like that 37 years ago! Together with her bubble gum colour lipstick and the all-denim wardrobe, she really looked like someone from the 60’s. Her family realised that it was time for a big change, so they sought Oprah’s help to get rid of their Mom’s Beehive hairdo and to get a 21st century update.
So a team of 3 professionals started to work on Joan’s look. Hear hair got dyed and finally let down after almost 40 years. They put up a trendy makeup that emphasized the beauty of her face, and got a gorgeous outfit to make her appearance even fitter and younger. The outcome is unbelievable!

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