Watch a miracle take place as a mom and baby die, then Revive


In this incredible video we get to hear a story about a woman who was giving birth on Christmas Eve. Something terrible then takes place and she goes into cardiac arrest as she is giving birth. The doctors then tried to perform a C section on the baby but the baby was born and was not breathing either. This then became a serious issue as the father described how he saw his family laying in front of him and neither the son, nor the mother were breathing.

Thankfully, the mother and the baby both begin to breathe again and a miracle took place. The result was a healthy family but the doctors have told them to keep an eye on the baby for any long-term effects that may have taken place. This is an incredible video which showcases a miracle taking place. If you would like to watch the video then click on the following link and you will be able to see this miracle described as it happened.

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