Watch these dogs get great new homes


In this short documentary we get to hear about a special program called ‘wings of rescue’. This operation is designed to help dogs who have become homeless because the owners are overwhelmed and therefore need to re-home the animals so that they do not face euthanasia. In this short documentary we get to see the process that takes place when wings of rescue come into effect and this process involves putting all of the homeless dogs onto a plane so that they can then be taken to a new location where individuals are waiting to pick the dogs up and care for them in new homes.

This is a heartwarming documentary that shows how these animals are being cared for in new ways and it will put a smile on the face of anyone who has owned a dog in the past or who cares about dogs. If you would like to watch this video click on the following link and if you enjoy it then why not share it with other individuals.

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