Watch This Dog Drive Its Owners Child Down The Street


In this video, we see a little boy get driven around… by a dog. In a toy car, the plastic, convertible type meant for toddlers to drive around, this dog manages to be able to fit his paws in the holes in the steering wheel, giving him perfect control over the car. The boy seems to enjoy the ride while the dog seems focused on the road (really, you’d have to see it to believe it). Oddly enough, as the dog drives the little boy around, he seems to do so with little difficulty. You have to wonder how long it took the dog’s owners to teach it how to drive so perfectly. Either way, it’s funny to see the dog take its job so seriously while driving, as if he thought he was doing the boy a favor – like a little chauffeur. While it may seem as if the car was remote controlled, it is surely not the case.

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