What’s in Common between a Tree and a Library?


Sarah Sanders factored in a huge Cedar tree when she bought her house. The tree was 110 years old when the city council warned her it was to be cut down to stop being a falling hazard. Given that Sarah’s dream for years had been to have a library, she wanted to use the cedar for that purpose. She asked Carter, a carver, to help her with that task, and he agreed in exchange for wood.

He carved out areas where books are now found, and part of the tree trunk is now a library. The public can put in and take out books at their own interest, and Sarah could see that many new books had been put in since the library had been installed. At the Evergreen state fair, Carter shared the wood with other carvers. They eventually turned the wood into birds, bears, fish and flowers. So now you know how trees and libraries can be alike.

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