When animals meet technology


When you have a dog and introduce it to your computer there is usually not a reaction. Dogs don’t seem to care about technology unless it affects them in some way. However, when you introduce that same dog to your webcam the results can be quite hysterical. The dog in this video seemed to bark every time the camera light was on, on this laptop. So the owner decided to turn the camera on so the dog could see what is going on, with the picture enabled in the frame.

As you can see the dog is a bit shocked to see itself, and its owner in the computer. The dog isn’t even sure whether the owner is in the little box or still sitting right next to her. She keeps turning her head to look at her owner to make sure that she is really sitting there. She then turns back at the computer to see what is going on. This goes on for a few minutes until the owner zooms the camera in and really confuses the poor dog. Finally, she gets a little too confused and fed up with what is going on so she gets up and leaves to make sense of it all.

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