Wild animals sometimes need a little help


When two guys are walking through an area and videotaping they come across a couple of wild birds that are in desperate need of help. Keep in mind that the video system they are using picks up all sound so you are hearing a lot of wind that is going through the camera. The wind doesn’t disturb the men of course as they continue walking to what looks odd in the water.

What they find is a pair of swans that appear to be tangled together and are crying to be helped. They are willing to let anyone help them unlike most wild animals that will fight or try to get out of being touched by man. These two become real docile and let the men untangle them, getting all the pieces of wire or cord that are tied to them off. The video doesn’t have the best of clarity so it’s hard to see what they are tangled in. And the men are not speaking English, so unless you understand the language you are left at the mercy of what you see. That’s enough to allow you to understand that these two men save the swans and let them go free. These two humanitarians are good people to jump in and save a couple of birds when they didn’t have to.

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