“You are my brother and best friend”


This is Spencer’s story, whose elder brother Mitchel suffers from autism. Many people imagine that this is very hard and frustrating but clearly, it is different for these two brothers. As much as Spencer does not get to experience other normal brother relationships for instance Mitchel cannot give him advice on women or buy him alcohol, the two have their own special bond. Mitchel still does take his place as the elder brother and taunts Spencer. Yeah, they do get into each other’s nerves and they sort this by wrestling. Since Mitchel has zero response to tackling he always ends up running to their parents. Clearly, theirs is a very strong bond and Spencer passionately talks of their bond.
Mitchel, on the other hand really is a very strong autistic who does things that no one would expect him to such as going on a surfboard alone, singing during high school graduation, winning a gold medal in the Special Olympics, he can type, cook and basically do anything. Because of this, Spencer draws a lot of inspiration from him and looks forward to better days.

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