Young Drivers Might Drive Safer After “The Impossible Texting & Driving Test


Today’s generation has formed a general consensus, which is that driving while texting is acceptable behavior. Many do not “like” that drivers do it, but even as a friend in the passenger seat, few step in and put a stop to it. A wake up call is needed, which is exactly what came out of the “Impossive Texting & Driving Test” from Resposible Young Drivers (RYD.BE).

Drivers were given a specific set of text messages to send out while driving alongside the test instructor. The streets were set up like a driving course, but made to be easy. As you can see in the video, many pylons were hit, the passenger went flying into the windshield, and much more.

The consensus from everyone who performed the test was simple: “I cannot do it.” and that tells us all one thing: Texting while driving is ALWAYS a huge gamble, which could (and often times has) prove fatal under the wrong timing and circumstances.

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