Zeus’ Police Dog Farewell Tribute


Zeus was a police dog who captured the department’s hearts. He was considered one of their own and served for 9 years on the force. He worked alongside his partner Detective Scott Murray.

In his career, Zeus helped to locate 6 people in life threatening situations. He had a keen nose for finding a trail that led him to these people in dangerous predicaments.

Unfortunately, Zeus had to retire in 2104 due to a degenerative hip disorder. His disease only continued to progress to the point where he needed to be put down.

But first, he needed a proper send off from his fellow officers of the law. He was escorted in a cop car led by 4 police motorcycles to the veterinary clinic where he was to be put down.

It was an emotional scene for everyone involved as well as the newscasters who broadcast Zeus’ story. He had made quite a mark as a faithful friend to justice in his lifetime.

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